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Human-like AI: Conversational Agents

In the Flanders AI Research Program multiple research partners work on strategic research in artificial intelligence, based on the needs and demands of companies, organizations, the government, and citizens. The consortium works on different research challenges, so called Grand Challenges, in several domains.

With five research teams from four different universities we research Conversational Agents within Grand Challenge 4 on Human-like AI.

In the following videos our PhD students pitch their current research (2021) on Conversational Agents:


Visual Dialogue

Research by Mingxiao Li from LIIR - KULeuven

Modelling Emotion Trajectories in Customer Service Dialogues

Research by Sofie Labat from LT3 - UGent

Building up Knowledge through Dialogue

Research by Lara Verheyen from AILab - VUB

Knowledge Grounded Conversation with Pre-trained Models

Research by Ehsan Lotfi from CLiPS - UAntwerpen

Multilingual FAQ

Research by Maxime De Bruyn from CLiPS - UAntwerpen

Dataset on HuggingFace

Model on HuggingFace

Task Oriented Dialogue based on Procedural Knowledge

Research by Yiwei Jiang from IDLab - UGent